Flexibility in Nonwovens is our Strength
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Industrial Speciality

Vateks Nonwovens which are uniquely developed can serve for a variety of applications. In its Industrial and Specialty product group, Vateks offers nonwoven materials with diverse features for many specific functions: absorbency, liquid repellency, flame-retardancy, food contactablity, softness, strength, permeability, bacterial barriers are just few of the properties that Vateks can add.

Vateks is producing nonwovens for the construction and housing industry; its nonwovens which are also environmentally friendly can present both cost effective and powerful solutions to the sector’s major challenges. The application areas include: motorways, asphalt roads, railways, tunnels, pipe coatings, artificial lakes, swimming pools, house insulation. By supplying raw materials for the important construction projects of Turkey, such as Istanbul Subway, GAP, TEM 6 Highway, Bolu Tunnel Vateks has been deservedly acclaimed for its fine manufacturing.

As the packaging experts are excitingly welcoming nonwovens in    their sector,Vateks provides new solutions for durable and bio-degradable shopping bags, and flower wrapping packaging.